Management Consulting

Management Consulting


A Financial Manager was not successful in achieving a promotion. She contacted The Leadership Movement for management consulting. She was frustrated in her workplace with a fractious relationship with her manager. Working long days with no clear deliverables, she did not know where her career was going. Chris Taylor could see that the Finance Manager was stressed and de-energised. She lacked confidence in herself and her future. Over a period of 6-months through weekly coaching sessions, they identified her zone of brilliance as a leader. They developed a forward career plan, set boundaries around her working schedule, developed a pitch to restructure her role and amplified what made her indispensable to the organisation.



With coaching the Financial Manager started to feel better. Her Director’s noticed vibrance in her energy and she was recognised by the CEO for her efforts to the business. She regained balance by implementing a new daily structure, freeing up her personal time to spend more time with her family. She learnt how to be more influential, realised her desired career path and what she needed to do to achieve it. Presenting to her manager, she asked for what she needed. Her job description and KPI’s were clarified and their relationship improved.  She is now highly regarded in the organisation, comfortably managing her workload and progressing through her role with greater levels of fulfilment.


October 7, 2013


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