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Leadership Coaching

Leadership development goes far beyond management training. Our coaching service includes setting your vision, developing your personal brand, maximising your worth and empowering team building tactics. We design bespoke leadership programs specifically for you. Build greater influence, accelerate your capabilities and make things happen.


An organisation strategy is the sum of the actions a company intends to take to achieve long-term goals. We help you create collaborative strategies that are unique to your business so you can create, monitor and measure success. Together we shift the focus to outcomes, motivation and passion. Your people collectively thrive towards the company's long term goal.

Cultural Renewal

A positive workplace culture leads to increased productivity, better employee morale and the ability to keep skilled workers. Company culture is a legacy that remains uniquely yours. We can help collaboratively surface the culture’s significant strengths and identify areas for improvement. If employees and productivity are feeling flat, we help Implement an improved cultural change that sticks.

Change Management

While cultural renewal focuses on company culture, change management improves the organisation by altering how work is done. Here we incorporate tools that help individuals make successful transitions to adopt a new way of doing things. We lead your organisation from current position, through transitional phase, towards the targeted outcome. Keeping employees motivated in rapidly shifting environments.


When you enquire our founder will set a time to meet. This kicks off the discovery phase. No two businesses are alike and as such we tailor a solution that is unique to you. When we meet we listen to your current challenges, find out where you want to go and define what success looks like to you. We gather our research and outline a written proposal that meets your requirements. Our solutions are presented back to you in a two week timeframe and include project goals, timelines, investment and outcome. All we need is a nod of approval and we can begin. 




How It’s Done


Our founder Christine Taylor has consulted to leading organisations and executives since 1990. Christine supports your company by partnering with your executive team to develop strategies and collaboratively cascade their activity cohesively throughout the business. Christine consults to government, education, travel, consumer, technology and communication industry sectors in all our services. See Case Studies >


We work with individual clients and executives in professional industries who are seeking greater fulfilment in their careers and their lives. We work one-one-one through a unique coaching package that incorporates our leadership and development services. Our focus is to help you feel empowered in your career and engaged in work that you love and enjoy daily.


Reinvigorate your team with holistic workshops that enhance communication, collaboration, innovation and growth. Our team building initiatives are more than just a training day, with a holistic approach that unites people around your vision generating forecasted outcomes and emotionally intelligent team dynamics.

We empower leaders and organisations like yours to spark greater influence.