Giving back

We strive to integrate sustainability into everything we do. Our initiative to empower organisations and individuals to achieve greater influence, purpose and success reaches far beyond the walls of the boardroom. See how we give back below.


We actively support Greenpeace to help spread the message and raise funds for a greener and peaceful future. Each year we raise money and donate funds to support the organisation, inspire other people to take action and help prevent environmental destruction. To follow our footsteps and help create sustainability in our future visit Greenpeace

Social Sustainability

Our social channels offer tools, tips and insights for daily innovation. We share affirmations, motivation and quotes from leaders and innovators around the world. When used in a positive way social media can be empower your career and development.

TLM Website & Blog

Our website and blog are our flagship channels for distributing leadership and development news, tools and insights. We aspire to connect organisations, executives and teams who want to grow.

Slow School Of Business

An unconventional business school dedicated to building purpose driven businesses that make the world a better place. As an active member, The Leadership Movement is regularly involved in SSB courses and events, and incorporates the SSB philosophy into our services. Help support slowing down to yield  better results with mindful business approach

Conscious Capitalism

We support Conscious Capitalism Australia, aligning our services, products and practice with the core values of their movement. Conscious Capitalism supports forward-thinking leaders who want to reframe the way they do business. This form of Capitalism holds the potential to enhance corporate performance while simultaneously advancing the quality of life for millions of people. Join at

TLM Partnerships

We partner with organisations, events, institutes, publications and foundations to connect clients with the best tools, content and support they need to become the great leaders they strive to be. For all partnership and collaboration enquiries contact Chris Taylor here.

Green Thumb

We are passionate about sustainable living, for the health and prosperity of our future. We grow our own vegetables and purchase free range and organic produce. We sign petitions that encourage social change, speak up against animal cruelty and support diversity and ethical practice in the workplace. We recycle, save water, communicate digitally over print and always turn the lights out when we leave the room. It’s the little things that make a difference.

Workplace Change

Our business believes organisations and their people can achieve greater influence, purpose and success when supported with the right tools and a positive work culture. We hope to contribute to the evolution of workplace practices; safe operations, acceptance of diversity, flexibility, sustainability and a balanced approach to professional and personal wellbeing.

Amnesty International

We are active members of Amnesty International pioneering human rights. We sign petitions, write letters, take action online and donate each year to help sustain Amnesty International’s independence, research and pursuit to protect human rights worldwide. Get involved