About us

The Leadership Movement is a consulting business that empowers organisations to success through the development of their people. The company was founded by senior consultant Christine Taylor in 2015. For over twenty years, Chris has worked with leading organisations and their executive teams to improve company culture, strategy and success. The Leadership Movement offers leadership coaching, change management, organisation development and cultural renewal services. Chris works with businesses and executives in finance, travel, consumer, government, education, communication and tech industries.









Christine Taylor | Leadership Consultant & Founder

A senior leadership consultant, Chris has helped multiple businesses and senior executives harness the power of leadership to achieve greater fulfilment in their careers and lives. With an extensive portfolio including Jetstar, Club Med, Mercer, Telstra, Kraft and the Australian Government, Chris is experienced and has a kind and compassionate nature to help you grow. Chris loves to understand how people work, see’s their potential and harnesses an individuals capacity to grow. Working in line with the company vision, Chris takes a holistic approach to leadership development that can benefit a single client or an entire business model. Read more about Chris and her experience on LinkedIn.


Our mission is to empower leaders and organisations to achieve greater influence, purpose and success. We do this through the delivery of our services in line with core company values.


Honesty and integrity take courage. Integrity is at the core of influence. We are authentic with ourselves, in what we say, what we do and the work we do with others. We encourage trial, exploration and discovery.


We move quickly and effectively. We work with others to demonstrate value in the face of adversity. We keep a pulse on what is going on to help anticipate. We adapt and evolve as things within your organisation do.


Kindness is not expensive, but its yield is priceless. Kindness helps empower leaders. There is a future for compassionate leaders who value the welfare of their employees, customers and the communities they serve.


We can connect one-on-one with a client, or work with an entire organisation. We integrate with all departments to execute cohesively. We connect an organisation to its internal and external stakeholders to achieve new outcomes.