Change Management

Change Management


A talented young leader was working for a large financial services corporation. With great ability to align multiple people to the company mission, she was identified by her Director as a future candidate for a senior position. Feedback was gathered from her peers on her current leadership style. It was disclosed that she came across as too direct and authoritative. She had one style of influencing only – telling. Knowing her potential her Director engaged The Leadership Movement to coach her and the business through change management.



Leadership coaching
Change Management
Highlight strengths
Identify challenges and limitations to current leadership style
Develop a strategy to better understand peers, their personalities and working styles
Knowing how and when to impact and vary her approach to build relationships



With coaching and reflective action over several months, the young leader was able to change her impact and build strong relationships with peers. Trialling different approaches she expanded her leadership approach to include listening, connecting, building rapport and collaboration. She worked more inclusively with others and gathered insight into her own performance style. The organisation recognised the shift in her willingness to collaborate. She secured the promotion to lead one of the largest teams within the organisation.


October 7, 2013


Change Management