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Human Resources


A Human Resources Manager received a promotion at the company she worked for. She had worked with the organisation for over 10 years. Passionate for the business, she was a high achiever and strongly regarded by the people she worked for. Beginning her new role, she set to meet her KPIs but found it difficult to achieve within the structure the role existed. Despite seeing results she persisted, but soon began to feel unmotivated and found it more and more difficult to go to work. As an enthusiastic, energetic and reliable person, it was confronting to find she had little desire to show up for the job. Expressing her concerns to a colleague, she was referred to The Leadership Movement. Chris Taylor met with the senior executive in a one-hour consultation to identify how she could help. Hearing her challenges, Chris developed a 6-month coaching program. The program would allow the HR Manager to develop a strategy to restructure her role with Directors and implement solutions to bring back her motivation, passion and performance.

Where can you add more value to the company?
What do you love to do in your current role?
Who do you want to work with?



By engaging an external coach, the Human Resources Manager felt immediately supported. Chris was both professional and kind. She listened and was able to offer practical tools and advice the HR Manager could implement. Working together weekly, there was a regular point of contact allowing the two women to assess her process and adapt the strategy to achieve desired outcomes. The HR Manager achieved greater clarity in her career direction. By cultivating time for reflection, she uncovered what she truly wanted and secured a new role in a different area of the company. She continues to work with this business today. We all deserve to have what we want in our career and our lives. The fuel behind getting there is having a compelling purpose and a reason that will move you.


June 2, 2014


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